Wanted queen mattress in good condition, also items for new apartment, pot and pans,etc.
Looking for a fire pit (wood burning) if anyone has an extra...
My fridge went out over the weekend...i can not afford one at this moment but am trying save as much of our groceries as possible....do not have a truck to pick it up....blessings to anyone that can help
Newly family of 3 .. mother and 2 kids ... In need of furniture ... Anything helps...
I am in need of canning supplies, anything would be of help, canning pot, Utensils, jars anything really haven t done it for years and want to get back in it. Thank you.
I am looking for any free yarn i can get. I mostly need cotton yarn, but will take any yarn offered. Products made from this yarn will be sold and profit donated to the Tallahassee Autism Community.
Full size.
Individual with rheumatoid arthritis seeks riding lawn mower in good condition.
Hello, I am in search of a working 30" gas range. It can be freestanding or slide in. Thank you!
Infant in need of baby swing. Child taken to sisters home with only diaper bag and some formula. Need clothes and Baby swing immediately. Thank You if you can help.
My children have outgrown toddler beds. I am looking for 2 twin beds+box springs fur them. Frames would be nice but not necessary.
In search of a bed with springs (queen, king, or full) and would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
In search of womens clothing shirts/tops- MED bottoms- 10/12, MED, 34(in mens) shoes- 8 1/2, 9 any contribution will be greatly appreciated, thank you!
Box spring and gently used mattress.
I particularly want a Kinara/candleholder. And I'd also enjoy a mkeka/mat/tablecloth.
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